As a gender equality charity we want to provide schools with the kind of bespoke learning that will address the core issues that fuel inequality. Giving boys the tools to be respectful, loving and confident men able to stand up and speak out against inequality should be an essential part of their education. This year Ofsted reported that the most successful PSHE programs benefit from contributions from outside speakers, and recommended bespoke learning in sensitive issues such as sexuality, domestic violence and challenging peer pressure, as part of an effective PSHE curriculum.


The workshop uses participant-led activities which allow for the facilitators to be responsive to the experience of each group. The workshop explores three central questions:


  1. What expectations are there of what boys and girls ‘should’ be like?

  2. How do those expectations make us feel or behave day to day?

  3. What would we do differently if those expectations were different or didn’t exist?


Through interactive activities in large and small groups the boys will explore these questions together and think of ways of tackling some of the problems they identify.


The workshop is 3 hours long and can be delivered in sessions that fit within the school timetable. We prefer to work with a whole year group of boys as this has been proven to have a bigger impact on the ability of boys to take their learning further and to see a real change in behavior. However, we are also happy to work with single classes or some of a year group.


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